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About UBeauty Salon

UBeauty Salon Offers Top Quality Beauty Salon Furniture Including Pedicure Chairs, Salon Stations & More!

At U Beauty Salon, we know how to help you run a successful salon. You need to start with the most modern and cutting-edge beauty salon furniture and equipment. Your salon will need pedicure chairsmanicure tablessalon chairs, and salon stations, to name a few basic pieces of salon furniture. These key pieces form the backbone of your salon's business, so you need to have quality pieces of furniture that are both functional and attractive.

U Beauty features the most upscale and sturdy furniture that is available. We know that you need the best furniture and equipment available at reasonable prices. Our beauty salon furniture is made with high-quality upholstery, polished chrome, pearwood or cherry finish, and other quality materials.

When you plan your salon, you begin with the salon stations. These stations are the workhorses for the stylists because they serve as the center of their activity. We feature beautifully-made single-drawer or single-side salon stations made with a laminate pearwood or cherry finish. These stations have handles and rims made from brushed nickel for maximum attractiveness and durability. Best of all, the stations are easy to clean and maintain, so they will remain attractive and useful even after heavy use.

The next key piece of furniture that your stylists need are salon chairs. Because your clients spend the majority of their time in these chairs, they must be comfortable as well as useful for the stylists. Our salon chairs are made with chrome arm rests and five-point bases for an elegant look. The seats and back rests are constructed of durable soft PVC vinyl for comfort and durability. The vinyl and chrome are easily wiped clean so they will remain attractive and spotless for each new client.

Fine Quality Spa and Salon Furniture

U Beauty Salon also offers high-quality and modern pedicure chairs and manicure tables for your nail technicians. Clients expect the ultimate in luxury and comfort as they soak their feet or have a manicure, and we provide the furniture necessary to provide them with that pampered feeling.

Whatever furniture you need for your beauty salon, U Beauty Salon provides it. From reception desks to styling chairs, we have everything you need to provide a comfortable and high-quality and luxurious salon experience for your clients.